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Why us?

Our facilities provide a warm, caring, compassionate staff that strives to give top-notch patient care. 


Pairing our state-of-the-art equipment with our experienced team, we can quickly get you back to normal day-to-day life.  

All of our patients receive individualized treatment plans, based on condition, lifestyle, and personal therapy goals.

Sports Injury

Meet Dennis

With decades of clinical experience, Dennis Sall specializes in general orthopedics, sports medicine, industrial rehabilitation, pre-/post- surgical care, vestibular therapy, performance enhancement, wellness training, and injury prevention.  

Dr. Sall evaluates and treats with a whole-body approach that combines knowledge and understanding of localized anatomy and function within the context of full body structure, function, and movement patterns. 

Treatment is focused on restoring compromised mobility, strength, stability, and movement utilizing a variety of manual techniques, active modalities, progressive exercise, and education. 


Doctor of Chiropractic -

New York Chiropractic College

Doctor of Physical Therapy -

Dominican College of Blauvelt - Physical therapy

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